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What Is Kerosene Oil and How Is it Commonly Used?

What is Kerosene Oil and How is it Commonly Used?

Kerosene oil has been used since the mid-19th century, when it replaced whale oil as a lighting fuel. Even though its use for lighting has been replaced by electricity in most parts of the

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Going Green with Bio Diesel

Going Green with Bio Diesel

There have been studies about the sustainability of using bio diesel fuel in the United States, including ones made from corn, wood biomass, soy, sunflowers and switchgrass. At the moment, there are concerns that

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    We are also committed to giving back to the Hickory community by supporting charitable causes, like Shriners Hospital and the Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry (CCM).

    The products we provide include:

    • Bio Diesel- Bio diesel can be used as a substitute fuel in any vehicle that runs on diesel, including buses, trucks, farm machinery, and much more. Not only will it help your vehicle’s engine last longer, but bio diesel is also much safer for the environment, since it is a renewable energy source and burns much more cleanly than other fuel types.
    • Kerosene Oil- Kerosene oil is the perfect fuel for lamps, stoves, and space heaters during an emergency when other power sources are unavailable or unusable. It burns cleanly and produces very little smoke or dangerous fumes, making it safe for your family. Kerosene oil is also very affordable and has a long shelf life.
    • Home Heating Oil- Due to Bumgarner Oil’s affordable heating oil prices, using this source to heat your home is a very economical choice. It is also very safe to use in your home, since it will not explode, and inhaling its fumes is not dangerous. In addition, heating oil can heat your home faster and with less fuel than required with natural gas.
    • Auto & Industrial Lubricants- Keep your machinery and vehicles running smoothly with our large selection of lubricants. We can make sure you save money on operating costs and your equipment always runs at peak performance.
    We are an authorized distributor of many trusted brands, including Dilmar, Shell, AeroShell, Citgo, Coastal, Motorcraft, Unitech, Mystik, CAM2, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Cross, and Xtreme. We also offer products from Castrol, Chevron, CRC, GOJO, Mobil, Kendall, Lucas, and BioBlend. Contact us today for all your automotive, industrial, commercial, and home oil needs!