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Everything You Want to Know About Bio Diesel Fuel

Bio Diesel FuelBefore deciding to use bio diesel fuel for your machinery, you will probably want to learn more about this type of fuel. It is an alternative to traditional petroleum, and using it helps reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil. At the same time, bio diesel fuel is more environmentally friendly since it burns clean.
Environmental Benefits
By opting for bio diesel fuel as opposed to petroleum, your company will be doing your part to help the planet. Instead of being drilled from the ground, bio diesel fuel is made from various items, such as animal fats, soybean oil, and recycled cooking oil. This combination makes it more environmentally responsible and allows it to burn clean.
The EPA is strongly in favor of bio diesel fuel and has even said that compared to traditional petroleum diesel, this alternative reduces greenhouse emissions by as much as 86 percent and at least 57 percent.
Works Just Like Diesel
If you already have diesel engines and machinery, then you have everything you need to start using bio diesel fuel. This type of fuel was designed to work with diesel engines so you don’t have to make any expensive changes to your fleet or machinery.
To make bio diesel fuel, manufacturing plants use a chemical process known as transesterification. This is when they separate glycerin from vegetable oil or fat to create two products. You are left with the glycerin and methyl esters, the second of which is bio diesel. The glycerin is used in products like soaps, so very few items go to waste.

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