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Oil Treatment Will Save You Money

Oil TreatmentWith so many oils out there today that are each used for a different purpose, it can be difficult to know whether the oil you are using will be the best quality. We use oil to lubricate many things, including our vehicle and equipment engines, heating lamps and stoves, and heating for our home or office. At Bumgarner Oil, we believe oil treatments can help provide a more efficient use of oils and maximize your clean air output.

The oil treatments we offer include:

  • Bio-Diesel – This is a cleaner alternative for vehicles that use diesel fuel. Burning this type of fuel produces lower emissions, reduces engine wear and tear, helps clean and keep clean the inner parts of your motor, and separates water from your fuel. It also may reduce the time it takes to start your vehicle by improving ignition.
  • Kerosene Oil - Used for stoves, oil lamps, and space heaters in case your power goes out, this is an excellent oil to store for emergency situations.
  • Natural Gas Alternative – Natural gas is combustible, making it less safe than the oil we offer as an alternative. Our oil treatment burns clean, so it is non-toxic in the home environment and will heat your home more quickly than natural gas.

At Bumgarner Oil, we believe it’s important to get the best use out of the oils you use, and therefore our oil treatments ensure the oils you use burn cleanly in your vehicles and appliances. We all want a safe, warm environment, and we believe you should have just that! Call us today to find out about our oil treatment options. We look forward to hearing from you!

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