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What are the Advantages of Bio Diesel?

Bio DieselIf you have a vehicle with a diesel engine, you may be wondering about bio diesel and if it would make sense to use it in your vehicle. Bio diesel is a diesel fuel that derived from such things as animal fats, recycled restaurant oil, and vegetable oils such as soy and corn. It goes through a specialized process in order to be used as fuel in vehicles. You should never use any of these oils directly to fuel your vehicle, as they will cause engine damage. To make the decision, consider the following advantages of bio diesel.

1.   Domestically Produced – It feels good to know you are not contributing to our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

2.   Biodegradable – Not only is bio diesel safe, it is completely biodegradable, making it safer for the environment.

3.   Non-toxic – Studies show that exposure to toxic fuels can have adverse effects, so switching to bio diesel, which is non-toxic, makes sense. It is far safer to handle because of this benefit. It is also free of aromatics and sulfur. Since sulfur damages catalytic converters, you can expect a longer life by using bio diesel.

4.   Reduce Emissions – Your vehicle will produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. For example, using a B20 bio diesel blend reduces CO2 by 15%. Fewer hydrocarbons and nitrated compounds, which are potentially cancer-causing, is a definite plus.

5.   Lubrication Benefits – Bio diesel provides lubrication benefits that fossil-based fuels do not, which can result in less engine wear.

At Bumgarner Oil, we are a trusted source for high-quality bio diesel. We are proud to be a supplier of this fuel alternative that is growing in popularity. If you have questions about bio diesel, give us a call.

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