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Bio Diesel Engines are the Cleanest on the Road!

bio diesel fuelBio diesel is a domestically produced, renewable, clean-burning substitute for petroleum diesel. When used as fuel for vehicles, biodiesel improves the environment and public health, enhances engine security, and offers safety benefits.

About half of America’s petroleum is imported, ⅔ of which is used to fuel vehicles in the form of diesel and gasoline. Being heavily reliant on foreign supplies puts the country at risk of trade deficits, price changes and supply disruption. Fortunately, bio diesel can be produced here to substitute or extend supplies of petroleum diesel.

Using biodiesel, in comparison to petroleum diesel, in a conventional diesel engine significantly reduces emissions of unburned carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, sulfates, and particulate matter. These reductions increase even more when the amount of biodiesel blended with diesel fuel is increased for engines made prior to 2010.

Engines made after 2010 are required to meet the same standards regarding emissions, whether they run on natural gas, diesel or biodiesel. SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology, which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions to almost zero, makes this possible. For these engines, emissions from diesel can be compared to those from bio diesel – very, very low.

So engines with SCR technology are without doubt the cleanest on the road. While B100 offers the best emission reduction, lower level blends provide benefits, as well. B20 reduces emissions by 10 percent, CO by 11 percent, and unburned HC by 21 percent in older engines.

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