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Bio Diesel Fuel Versus Diesel Fuel: What You Need to Know

Bio Diesel FuelBio diesel fuel has come to the commercial market with great acclaim and no small number of questions. This blog will explain the basic differences between bio diesel fuel and diesel fuel.

At the source, the difference between the two types of diesel comes from the origin of the diesel. Standard diesel fuel is derived from petroleum, while bio diesel is derived from plant or animal sources. Chemically, there is little to no difference between bio diesel fuel and traditional diesel fuel, and the two most commonly available types of bio diesel fuel are blends of petroleum diesel and bio diesel.  B5 fuel is five percent bio diesel and ninety-five percent petroleum-based diesel; B20 is made of twenty percent bio diesel and eighty percent petroleum-based diesel. Different manufacturers and different engines may work best on a particular type of fuel, so it’s important to consult the manual and warranty of any vehicle you might power with bio diesel. In general, vehicles manufactured before 2009 can use any blend of bio diesel fuel, including blends richer than B20. Newer models may void the warranty if using fuels containing a higher portion of bio diesel than B20 fuel.

Bumgarner Oil has been serving Hickory, NC and the surrounding counties since 1954. We serve gas stations, private homes, and other businesses in all their delivery or re-fueling needs. Our years of experience serving local businesses and homes means that we’re better able to anticipate your needs and the needs of your customers and clients. In addition to the full spectrum of petroleum-based fuels for your business or home, we’re pleased to offer bio fuel options for your home or business needs. Let us help you today!

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