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Bio Diesel is a Great ‘Green’ Choice Because It’s Renewable and Non-Toxic

Bio Diesel is a Great ‘Green’ Choice Because It’s Renewable and Non-Toxic

If you’ve been watching or reading the news, you’ve no doubt come across articles and reports about oil prices. Even going about your daily routine, you probably hear someone talking about this topic. Whether it’s in automotives, politics, economics, geography, or history, oil has filtered into just about every part of our daily lives.

It’s one of the most controversial and most discussed commodities that we rely on every day. All this talk sparks growing interest in gasoline alternatives. Things such as hydrogen fuel cells and electric cars are examples of feasible alternatives to oil. These concepts could become reality as technology continues to improve, but what about now? Well, there is something we do have now, and that’s bio diesel – one of the major biofuels. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Bio diesel can be used in its pure form, or as an additive to diesel fuel. It is made from biological components instead of crude oil (petroleum). Bio diesel is typically made from animal fats or plant oils through a chain of chemical reactions. It is renewable and non-toxic. Because it essentially comes from animals and plants, these sources can be replenished through recycling and farming. So it’s a great green choice.

If you use bio diesel, you can reduce your car’s petroleum consumption, as well as its greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, it is safe and it can be used in any diesel engine with little or no modification required. It also raises the fuel’s cetane number (combustion quality) and improves fuel lubricity.

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