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Bio Diesel and Your Vehicle

Bio DieselBio diesel has changed much of the conversation about fuel since it first came into being. By using vegetable or animal fats as the initial ingredient, the resulting fuel is chemically identical to diesel produced from petrochemicals. As such, diesel engines need no modifications in order to run on bio diesel fuel. In addition, bio diesel is often blended with petroleum-based diesel.

Two common blends of diesel comprise the majority of commercially available bio diesel at gas stations. B5 fuel is five percent bio diesel and ninety-five percent petroleum-based diesel; B20 is similarly made of twenty percent bio diesel. Different manufacturers and different engines may work best on a particular type of fuel, so it’s important to consult the manual and warranty of any vehicle you might power with bio diesel.
Costs for bio diesel are nearly the same as for petroleum-based fuel, and will only decrease as methods improve in production and blending of bio diesel fuels. In addition, many consumers are now searching for filling stations to buy bio diesel as part of their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Each year, more filling stations are added to the list of places where you can purchase bio diesel fuel, and that number will only grow as awareness and adoption of the fuel source increases.
Bumgarner Oil has been serving Hickory, NC and the surrounding counties since 1954. We serve gas stations in all their delivery or re-fueling needs, in addition to the full spectrum of oil-based fuels and lubricants for your business, home, or other needs. Let us help you today!

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