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Is There a Difference Between Bio Fuel and Bio Diesel?

Is There a Difference Between Bio Fuel and Bio Diesel?The difference between bio fuel and bio diesel is that one is a category and the other is a fuel. In other words, bio diesel is a type of bio fuel. Bio fuels are created from non-petroleum products such as soy, methanol, alcohol and others. Bio diesel is created from vegetable oils, and fuels in this category are numerous.

As the costs of petroleum-based fuels are continually skyrocketing, the world is collectively making a conscious effort to seek greener ways of living. Thus, more and more people are turning to bio diesel and other bio fuels.

However, there is still some confusion around these terms. Bio diesel is relatively new, but bio fuel has been used by mankind since cave-dwellers learned how to heat their caves and cook with an open fire. Bio fuel is best identified as a fuel made from decomposing biological material such as garbage or wood, or vegetable and animal fat.

While bio fuel and bio diesel can help some countries to reduce their dependency on oil, E-85 gasoline is not a bio fuel because, in addition to its ethanol content, this product contains 15 percent petroleum gasoline, which prevents it from being classified as a bio fuel.

Technically speaking, fossil fuels are bio fuels because they are made from animals and plants that died and decayed over millions of years. From an eco-friendly standpoint, bio diesel and other bio fuels emit an average of 70 percent less carbon dioxide emissions into the environment when burning, as opposed to conventional diesel fuel.


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