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Going Green with Bio Diesel

Bio DieselThere have been studies about the sustainability of using bio diesel fuel in the United States, including ones made from corn, wood biomass, soy, sunflowers and switchgrass. At the moment, there are concerns that an agricultural shift towards fuel farming would require careful planning to avoid spikes in the cost of food crops. With our nation consuming more than 40 billion gallons of diesel fuel each year alone, the benefits of going green with bio diesel cannot be ignored.

Bio diesel burns cleaner, and that is reason enough to investigate the manner in which a larger shift to this fuel could be accomplished. It will be interesting to see if perhaps the cost benefits involved with bio diesel can equate to low enough transportation costs to minimize some of the food crop cost increases. At the moment, the number of transportation companies and individuals switching over to bio diesel is low enough that there isn’t a mad scramble to shift from food crops to fuel farming – at least not for bio diesel, although there is some for the production of ethanol.

The emissions are far lower with bio diesel, including carbon monoxide, sulfur and carbon dioxide, along with smog-producing particulate matter. Add to that the fact that, as the plant matter is growing, it is also absorbing carbon dioxide and removing it from the air. It is also a cleaner process to produce bio diesel than conventional diesel. The bottom line is that those who want to do their part in protecting the environment can and should consider going green with bio diesel.


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