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A Better Understanding of Bio Diesel Fuel

Bio Diesel FuelYou are likely fully aware of the current situation regarding fossil fuels in this country, as well as the world. Rising fuel prices are affecting everyone, and the burning of fossil fuels is known to be damaging to our environment. While efforts have been made to make vehicles and other things more efficient, probably the biggest and most important advancement is the production of bio diesel fuel.

Bio diesel fuel has numerous benefits both to consumers and to the environment. First of all, using 100% bio diesel fuel eliminates the sulfur emissions associated with regular diesel fuel. It also reduces carbon monoxide and smog-producing particulate matter by about 50%. Regarding carbon dioxide, which is the main greenhouse gas in diesel fuel, is reduced by more than 75%. Even those using a blended bio diesel fuel are reducing these environmentally damaging emissions.

Most people would be at least hesitant to use bio diesel fuel if it did not perform as well, but studies show that it outperforms ethanol, gasoline and diesel in overall fuel efficiency. Because it burns cleaner, it is also better for the vehicle’s engine. It provides greater lubrication and leaves fewer deposits behind.

The processes involved in producing bio diesel fuel are also cleaner and a big step toward sustainability when used in a country like the United States, which consumes more than 40 billion gallons of diesel fuel every year. It also gives users a good feeling to know that they are supporting farming and business here in the United States instead of overseas.


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